Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

Injuries caused while riding a motorcycle can be some of the most debilitating injuries possible.

Given their size, motorcycles are a higher risk vehicle for riders. Here are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents and how to avoid them:

1) Not Being Seen

One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is not being seen by other vehicles. Given the size of the motorcycle relative to most other vehicles, inattentive drivers might just not see you. You can protect yourself by avoiding blind spots. If you can’t see their mirrors, they probably can’t see you. Wearing bright clothing where possible may also keep you safer.

2) Uneven or Slippery Ground

Because motorcycles have 2 wheels instead of four, they are even more susceptible to instability. Grating or debris on the road that is no problem for a car may wreak havoc on a bike that needs to brake or swerve. Protect yourself by avoiding going out within an hour of rainfall. Stay off gravel roads and shoulders. And, of course, always make sure you have excellent tires.

3) Entering a Corner Too Fast

Staying in control is the key to staying upright on a motorcycle. Riders should manage corner speed. Entering a corner too fast is very hard to correct while it’s happening. Weather factors can compound the danger of speed on corners.

4) Getting Hit From Behind

While fender benders are common among cars and trucks, they can be fatal to a motorcyclist. To avoid being struck from behind, motorcyclists should stop their bikes to the side of the lane, rather than in the center of the lane. You are easier to see in this position. Ensure your brake lights are in good working order. Increase your visibility by flashing your brake lights by tapping a brake lever.

5) Alcohol and Drugs

Never ever drink alcohol or drive a motorcycle high. Intoxication is a major cause of motorcycle accidents. Plan ahead or hitch an Uber if you end up partaking in drinking and you have your bike.

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