Regular User of Driver-Assistance Technology Found to Increase Distracted Driving

New research released from AAA has found that drivers who regularly utilize driver assistance technology while behind the wheel are much more likely to become distracted. While these safety systems are intended to keep drivers safe and assist them in the operation of their vehicles, people tend to become too reliant on them thus leading to distracted driving behaviors.

Considering that nearly 93 percent of all new cars on the market have at least one advanced driver-assistance feature available, the issue has become quite prevalent. AAA has even found that features such as autopilot, automatic braking, and lane departure warning make drivers twice as likely to be distracted when they are in use. Unfortunately, there is no federal standard for these assistance systems.

Driver Engagement

When a driver has assistive technologies in their vehicle, they tend to experience a false sense of security which can cause them to become inattentive and to zone out.

Even though the technology makes these vehicles semi-autonomous, it’s still technology and therefore is not perfect. Because of this, automakers continue to emphasize the importance of remaining alert at all times, prepared to take over for these systems if something becomes defective.

Tesla, in particular, has stressed the necessity for drivers to remain engaged while behind the wheel. This is likely in response to numerous accidents involving their vehicles and their autopilot feature.

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